Allens Confidential

Your past is your secret weapon: non-traditional pathways to a career in law

June 3, 2021

Getting a job at a top-tier law firm can feel like an impossible prospect for a candidate whose school and uni results don't look a certain way on paper. How does it work if your background, education or experience don't match the stereotype? Caitlin and Will catch up with Grace Stals, head Paralegal in Sydney, and Manreet Singh, National Manager, Early Careers, to explore contextual recruitment, diversity and the industry-wide challenge of attracting the best candidates from different backgrounds. Grace shares her experience of overcoming hardship to make it through uni to a top-tier firm, and Manreet discusses what Allens is doing to make sure the best candidates make it through the process. Find out more about our clerkship application process, including our optional diversity assessment:

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